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Based on a true story.

The year is 200X, Takeru Kobayashi, mankind's greatest competitive eater, seeks a new challenge in his unrivaled quest for greatness. His opponent, a 1089 pound Kodiak bear, stands before him. To have any hope of defeating this beast, Kobayashi enlists the help of Nick Breckon, Chris Remo, and Jake Rodkin. Unable to directly interfere in the match, Nick, Chris, and Jake must find a way to take the bear's head out of the competition; they must succeed in Psyching out that Bear.

To psych out that bear, you must enter one of three 3-4 key combos chosen from several different combos. Each combo causes the bear to eat hot dogs at a slower pace. The combos use the keys "Z", "X", "C", and the arrow keys in different combinations.

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Published 122 days ago

Install instructions

Unzip the file, then run PsychingOutThatBear.exe


PyschingOutThatBear.zip (11 MB)


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This is awesome! I love the graphics :P